About Ströer SSP

Ströer SSP is the supply-side platform from Ströer.

Ströer SSP helps publishers to optimise their yield management. If they wish, they can offer their inventory via the private marketplace (cross-media deals and auctions) or use the public marketplace that is open to all bidders.

Cooperation deals with prestigious AGOF marketers together with collaboration arrangements with all the major media agencies, direct customers and third party vendors enable Ströer SSP to combine broad coverage with top quality. The company offers advertisers and website owners a transparent and wide-reaching marketplace for digital advertising space (display, video and mobile).


Online Advertisers

Advertisers using adscale achieve the best return possible from their online marketing campaigns. We allow advertisers to spend campaign budgets in the most transparent, flexible and effective manner possible. They have complete control over the format, targeting, budget and reach of their online advertising campaigns. We enable advertisers to maximise campaign effectiveness across publishers by providing total visibility over website performance.


Online Publishers

Publisher can increase the revenue generated from their online AdSpace inventory. We give them the freedom to sell inventory directly to advertisers while maintaining control over the advertising content and price.

They are given total visibility over AdSpace performance, enabling them to transparently manage their inventory in the most effective and straight forward manner possible.