Our Application Process

adscale is always looking for talented people. If you are interested in working with us, here's how we usually do things:

Step 1: Application Form

To make sure your application is considered, we request that you attach a CV and fill in the application form below. The purpose of the application form is to allow you to articulate the things that attracted you to adscale and how you see your skills making a positive contribution to what we do here.

Step 2: First Interview

We will have you in for an initial chat. We will talk to you about your experience so far, ask you some set questions and give you an opportunity to learn more about us and what we do. These sessions are usually with the HR Manager and a couple of the team members we're recruiting into. Should a match seem promising we will invite you in to the office for a half day with the team.

Step 3: Meet The Team


You are invited to give a 15 - 20 minute presentation on any subject you are passionate about. The presentation will be in front of up to 30 adscale staff and allows those not directly involved in the interview process a chance to get to know you. During the presentation you are welcome to use powerpoint presentation, whiteboards or any other props necessary to communicate your subject.

The presentation is informal in nature and allows us to gauge how well you communicate ideas in a group situation and respond to audience questions. Some memorable presentations have covered the following topics: How To Make The Perfect Macaroon, Pig Farming, Body Percussion and The Barefoot Movement.

Pair Programming

Here at adscale we are committed to pair programming as a way to spread domain knowledge, improve collaboration and produce high quality code.

You will pair with prospective teammates to re-factor some existing code, extending the functionality and improving the overall code quality and test coverage.

This allows the team to work closely with you on a day to day task and gain an understanding of your development knowledge, coding style and ability to work in a collaborative environment.

In regards to tools used, the development environment will be Mac based, the IDE IntelliJ or Eclipse, and the code base Java.

After the conclusion of the pair programming there will be a short wrap up meeting where you can ask any questions you have and we provide feedback.

Step 4: Conclusion

On conclusion of the recruitment assessment adscale may ask you back for a second interview and will make contact with your referees.


Intern and Graduate positions:

We look to bring one intern into each of our three teams over summer each year. We also recruit Graduates from time to time. If you'd like to apply, use the application form below and let us know in your application that you're wanting an internship or graduate position. The process of recruitment may vary to that above, but still includes an interview and time with the team.

We will be looking to recruit interns later this year, keep us in mind.


Please use this application form to apply.
In addition, please send your CV through to info@adscale.co.nz.