Our Process

How we develop software at adscale is just as important as what we develop.

We are a leading exponent of Agile software development methodologies, employing a combination of SCRUM management and XP engineering practices to deliver high quality software to production on continuous development cycle.


Our development mantra is 'Collaborate, Learn and Improve'. To make this a reality we focus on following such principals as Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Collective Code Ownership and Constant Refactoring.


We operate multiple SCRUM teams each containing a group of multi-disciplinary individuals that come together to forge a product where quality is paramount. And it works. Our defect rate in production is almost nil.


We support the Christchurch Agile community by providing sponsorship of the local Agile Professionals Network. All our developers are given the opportunity to gain Certified Scrum Master accreditation and are active in attending and presenting at relevant industry seminars.